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10 Water Play Ideas For Kids

10 Water Play Ideas For Kids

10 Great Water Play Ideas for Kids This Summer!
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Summer in Utah is HOT! When it’s 100 degrees out you really can’t be outside unless there is water involved!  To avoid an all screen time summer and get the kids out for fresh air and exercise I love these water play ideas! Plus I think there is something about playing out in the sun and water that makes kids sleep sooooo well! What mom would say no to a longer, better nights sleep for her kids! Hello, finally a chance to get some work done or have a date night at home with the hubby.

1. Sponge Bomb Toss

Valerie created these fun sponge bombs and she provides an awesome tutorial on how to make them on her blog Inner Child Fun.

To make these you just need:

  1. Sponges
  2. Hair Elastics

DIY Spongebomb water balls| Kids water play activity for summer

2. DIY Water Wall

Jackie designed this creative water wall for her kids! She explains all the details of how to make your own on her blog Happy Hooligans. This is so creative and I love that you can use your old recyclables. I think the kids would be entertained with this for hours and it’s educational!

Summer Kids Water Activity| DIY water play wall

3. Rain Gutter River

What is better than water? Running water!!! You can make this running water setup with a couple of water tables and a plastic rain gutter. Sarah shares all the details of how she made hers on her blog Frugal Fun 4 Boys.

Rain Gutter Water Table Play for Kids| Summer Water Activities

5. Water Balloon Baseball

Even the teenagers will love this game! Lara shares this great game on her blog Overstuffed Life.

Water Balloon Baseball

6. DIY Kids Car Wash

This idea takes a little more parent set up but it’s sooooo cute! Using a garden hose, pvc pipe, sponges, and a plastic table cloth Christie set up a whole working car wash for her kids cars! She shares all the details and directions on her blog Raisingwhasians.

DIY Kids Car Wash with PVC Pipes|Kids summer water activity

7.  Pool Noodle Boats

These little sailboats are adorable and easy to make! Jen shares directions for making these on her blog Our Family of Seven. These would be fun in the bath too! You will just need:

  1. A pool noodle
  2. Foam sheets
  3. Plastic straws

Pool Noodle Boats|DIY Kids Water Activity

8. Water Table

A water table is awesome for toddlers and preschoolers! You can fill these up everyday in the summer and they will keep the littles busy with fun discovery activities. Water tables are a nice switch from kiddie pools because the kids don’t actually climb in them so you don’t have to worry about drowning as much (although you should always supervise them, it’s just not as nerve wracking) and they are way easier to dump out! Seriously why don’t kiddie pools come with a plug? Do they think our mom backs are made of steal? We don’t want to bail those out everyday!

You can buy this water table on Amazon (affiliate link).

Toddler, Preschooler, Water Table|Kids summer water activity


9. DIY Slip and Slide

This great idea comes from Marcy of Uplifting Mayhem. If your yard is a little bit sloped you can make this work. This would be great for a summer party too! You will need:

  1. Roll of poly sheeting plastic
  2. Pool noodles

The Ultimate DIY Slip and Slide

10. DIY Sprinkler Limbo

This is such a fun DIY project that looks like a blast! Kimber the Pinning Mamma posted all the directions for how to create your own limbo sprinkler here.

DIY PVC Pipe Water Activity Sprinkler

There you have it! 10 awesome ways to play in the water this summer. Now go outside and get wet! And leave a comment telling us which ideas you try and how they work for you!



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