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15 Beach Must Haves!

15 Beach Must Haves!

Hello Marvelous Moms! Summer is here FINALLY! I only had one kid in school and I’m still so excited to not have to worry about drop off, pick up, after school activities etc.! Bring on the long summer days basking in the sun with my favorite babysitter- the BEACH! Yes you read that right, the beach is my babysitter. It can keep my kids happy and content for HOURS with endless fun, excitement and a million ways to ensure my kids will hit their pillows HARD at the end of the day.  I love living by the beach and get to go often, but if you are just heading to the beach for a vacation or live close to one, I thought I’d share 15 of my favorite beach must haves that have made the past few summers HEAVEN! Enjoy!!!

Let’s be real here- you need a phone to be able to capture all the fun moments for snapchat, instagram and your chatbooks. So make sure it stays protected in between photos with this waterproof case!

The beach is even more fun with some tunes to jam to! You don’t need to just use the tiny speaker on your phone, be the life of the beach party with this waterproof bluetooth speaker!

Sunblock is an obvious must! We all know to stay away from the aerosol sunscreens, right? Getting sunblock with zinc oxide is the best choice you can make and I love these fun colorful sunblocks that will not only be fun for the kids, but let mommy know exactly where the sunblock needs to be re-applied! I use this for face mostly.

I love this sand toy set, my kids love doing unconventional things with their sand toys and I love the idea of “sand cooking”!

For more traditional sand toys these are a fun set too!

My kids love throwing rocks and just about anything in the water so this ball that is meant for floating atop water is SO fun!

For comfort and practicality these chairs are big winners for me! They adjust easily, have a cooler bag on the back, a comfy head rest and more storage on the back of the chair as well! I also love that you can carry them on your back as a backpack giving you more space in your hands for the rest of the things…OR use this:

This thing will carry ALL the things and make it super easy to navigate the whole family to the perfect beach spot! The wheels are all terrain which makes for easy pushing and pulling through the sand.

This umbrella. I mean it’s life changing. It’s large, in charge, adjustable and will make it possible to spend ALL DAY at the beach without fear of dying of heat stroke or sunburn! It’s amazing.

Have you guys heard of this trick? Perfect solution for dusting stubborn wet sand off of the skin! I keep this nearby when my kids are ready for snacks and I don’t want sandy hands in the bags of chips or crackers! Works like a dream! Speaking of snacks…

This stuff is delicious, light and perfect for the beach!

I don’t know about you but I LOVE eating fresh foods on the beach. I get sick of chips and junk so I like to prepare a salad or some fresh options for myself and bring it in my own little salad kit like this one!

I love this bottle because it’s a whoppin’ 40 oz and will keep that water COLD for the whole day!

I would ALWAYS recommend spending a bit more for a nicer boogy board or two. They’ll last longer and make for a LOT more water fun! This is a great activity for parents and kids!

This beach pop up tent can be perfect for shade and is super easy to put together! Keep your little ones from eating sand and provide some nice shade as well!

This is a great little stash to get you started for long fun days with your toes in the sand! You’ll have some music, some fresh food, shade and endless entertainment for the kids! Have a GREAT summer!




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