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5 Ways Traveling Can Strengthen Your Family

5 Ways Traveling Can Strengthen Your Family

Not only has my family of 6 lived abroad for 2 years, but we’ve traveled full-time for the past year together. We’ve traveled to 17 countries and 29 states in the last year alone! And that’s not including all the other places we’ve been the years before that. After all that traveling, our family has never been as close and as strong as we have been because of it! As Mother’s Day approaches, we reflect on how we can be better moms. Well, here are 5 ways traveling can strengthen your family and why you should make traveling a priority for your family too!

You Experience New Things Together

When you travel to a new place, you get to experience new things. New foods, new people, new cultures, new smells, new sites…all the new things! And you get to do it together. When you experience new things together, you create a bond. You create opinions together, experiences together, memories together. It’s the best!

Tasting Thai food in Thailand, watching a Chinese New Year performance in Malaysia, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, attending a Broadway show in New York city, and eating gelato in Italy are all new experiences we did together this year that will last a lifetime!

You Rely on Each Other

Because you’re experiencing new things in new places, you learn to rely on each other like never before. You don’t know anyone. You don’t know where you’re going. You learn together. You grow together. You rely on each other’s strengths and lift each other up.  Our kids learned to get along better with each other because they don’t have anyone else to talk to and play with!

Public transit is always tough when going to a new place. So thank goodness my husband takes the rein on getting around while my family can count on me to always be able to whip something up in the kitchen with whatever ingredients we can find at the local store. Traveling is the best for learning how to trust each other!

You Create Memories Together

When you’re traveling with your family, you get to create memories together! You get to go to new places, see new things, experience new experiences and create really cool memories together. Now, sometimes those memories are awesome and good. And sometimes those memories are not so good….like having to be stranded at an airport for 2 days because of a delayed flight with only Burger King vouchers for all 3 meals. Or when your son gets stung by a jelly fish and your other son offers to pee on him to relive the sting. Or when Mom doesn’t know that touching moray eels is dangerous and thankfully doesn’t get hurt from her ignorance! But whether they’re good or bad experiences, they’re memories nonetheless and you will talk about them for years to come!

You Do Hard Things Together

Traveling isn’t always butterflies and roses. There can be some tough times thrown in the mix. And you learn to do hard things together. You get to see Dad step up to the plate or Mom show her extra nurturing side or the kids practice patience. It’s so good to see your loved one be tough. It’s so good to go through hard times together and see how you make it through. It’s so rewarding growing stronger together!

Doing hard things like having super long travel days, getting our rental van stuck in a ditch in Italy, almost losing our son on a train, and not being able to find a restaurant that’s open when you’re starving are just a few of the hard things we’ve had to deal with when traveling. But those times toughen us and make us stronger.

You Count Your Blessings

When you have the opportunity to visit new places, you learn to appreciate the modern conveniences that you have at home. You see what others live with and how they live and you count your blessings. You learn to not take little things for granted.

Visiting a place like Bali, Thailand, or Dominican Republic, will really make you appreciate the warm bed, hot water, dishwasher, and washer and dryer you have at home.

Family travel can be so rewarding! You learn, grow, and create memories together that will last a lifetime. So make the time and investment on traveling more together so you can grow together and become a better mom and have a stronger bond!

5 Ways traveling can strengthen your family


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