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Amazon Has Changed the School Shopping Game!

Amazon Has Changed the School Shopping Game!

Ok so OF COURSE after posting I found a TON of fun new deals you can get on Amazon, and discovered an awesome tool that might be helpful to you when it comes to getting your school supplies! Amazon has teamed up with several schools to give you their shopping lists for different grades! You simply type your zip code in, select your child’s school and you may get lucky and have the shopping list right there available to you! How easy to click all the items they need, add to the cart and be on your way? I had to tell you about this because who doesn’t love saving time? And who really wants to go to the store with all the kids in tow, to pick up pencils, notebooks and backpacks? Not me! Check it out HERE to see if your school is listed!

And TODAY ONLY Amazon has up to 50% off Crayola items! Here are a few awesome deals:

And because when browsing I found some more awesome items you might want for the kids- I’ve added them below!

I needed this when I was in school! Such a great way to make notes!

This is a pretty sweet water bottle that filters the water for you!

You can never have too many post it notes! 

Ok these are just fun.

I’m pretty sure this is a staple for every classroom and home- buy one for the kids and one for you to keep! So many germs are going to be coming into the home after school starts!



And we can’t forget about the little ones still at home! A little fun for them as well! 

Playdough is honestly one of the most fun things for me to do with my kids- it’s so nostalgic and Playdough has SO many fun new toys like this ice cream maker!
Playdough letter stampers! I love finding fun ways to teach my little ones the alphabet!

And finally, side note, I thought THIS was REALLY cool:

It’s one of the coolest items in the new Amazon launchpad section- new inventions and creations for you to buy, this one is for the kids to learn how to build a computer! Maybe an after school project??? I’m fascinated and want one for myself!

Be sure to check out my episode today about the INNER CIRCLE and our AMAZON WEEK going on! Have a Marvelous Day! 


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