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Back to School FUN Must Haves!

Back to School FUN Must Haves!

Hey mommies! It’s almost time for the kids to go BACK TO SCHOOL! I’m pretty excited for this- especially since in the time I’ve been putting this blog post together my kids have gone in and out of the house about 100 times. Can I just say how grateful I am for school teachers and the infinite amounts of patience they must have?!

I love Amazon, everybody knows it, so I decided to head there for some fun back to school ideas.  I found everything from great books to help your littlest school goer get over their nerves about returning to or attending school for the first time, to the best pencil sharpeners ever. In the middle of all the fun trips to do school shopping, take a break and do some of your purchases online! The modern day way! 🙂

I think this backpack (which comes in other colors as well) is such a CUTE set! I immediately clicked it when I saw it, makes me wish I was going back to school…almost. 

A couple of  great books about back to school that can help ease some nerves! I especially love the titles and think it’s really a great conversation starter with kids!

Your kids may not be able to have their phones in school but they can keep their social skills up with these emoji pencil sharpeners!

Ok I just thought this was hilarious. Perfect place to stash your favorite pencils and spare change- nobody will ever know! 🙂

These are seriously so cool and I love how fun they make snack or lunch time!

I felt like I was the ONLY kid in elementary school who had lunch coolers, but I  ALWAYS had the coldest sandwiches and food. And these ones are super fun, a definite MUST!

When going for that extra creative edge on lunch time, if you are still doing sandwiches (which everyone seems to be straying from these days) you can use these sandwich cutters to make lunch time a lot more fun!

Whether or not you have a kid who doesn’t like their food to touch this is an excellent option for lunch time. It might even inspire you to think of new snacks to send with the kids, and will keep everything fresh and cool!

Let’s talk planning, this binder is SO cool, and has so many fun features and components to keep everyone organized for the school year!

I know the traditional boring number two pencils are usually a necessity, but I thought these were too fun to pass up!

For the teens in your life, I wish these had been available (or at least Amazon Prime had been available) when I was in high school. Actually my mom probably wishes that, she was always trying to help me stay organized! This locker organizer is genius!

For added fun with the locker, these magnets are super cute and will assist in even more locker decorating and organizing!

Finally, while I’m a BIG fan of hand written notes, I saw these and thought they were perfect for busy mornings when you don’t have time to write something. Or if you still want that personal touch, copy the messages from the note cards! It makes such a difference for our kids to see a note from us in the middle of a long school day and it’s a goal of mine to do this regularly this year!

Let me know what other fun school finds you come across, I’d love to see them!

Happy shopping!

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