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Book Club!

Book Club!

Hey y’all! I’m SO excited about this new aspect of the podcast and club! My best friend asked me last night (And I think she half meant it) if I had taken up meth or speed lately. How do I have time to do ALL that I am doing? Truth? I just make time, find extra time and maximize the time I have!

But guess what? I haven’t always been this way. I have been a go- getter but at the very core, when it came down to it…I was lazy. I’m not afraid to admit it. What’s the EASIEST way to get that done? How late can I wake up and still have time to get to my early morning choir? How many assignments can I miss and still get a good grade? We all do this to a point right? And we think, hey- it’s normal. I’m good, we’re all procrastinators and dude- life is HARD! That’s true. So true that it’s hard and we are likely doing just as well as those around us. But think about that. Are you saying it’s ok to be mediocre and just like everyone else in their laziness? It took me 30 years and a lot of hard lessons but about 4 months ago I had a total awakening. One that rocked my world and without it this podcast, this blog post, the Facebook community, would NOT exist. Can you imagine that? I can’t. It’s my life’s purpose now and I shudder to think of missing out on this opportunity. Did someone knock at my door and say “hey guess what? You could be/do so much more!” No. I wish they had though. I have faith, a church and strong belief that our lives have a purpose and plan. But all my life I had felt that my life was “fated” and “destined” to be a certain way and not much of what I did would make much difference in how that plan was going to play out. After all if God already knew what I was going to do then why take action? He’d make it all ok, right?

If you are nodding your head in agreement then you are in the same fog I was in my whole life. But slowly the layers peeled away, my eyes were opened to this amazing world I had been missing. God has a plan, but it is up to ME to make it a good one. I can’t coast through life, I can’t settle…and I can NOT be mediocre. God intends so much more for my life, he wants me to be happy! Imagine that! In theory I had always known that, but through lots of challenges being knocked on my butt I had slowly grown cynical and started to believe I was just destined for a life of failures and disappointments. Which is so ungrateful. I have always had so much to appreciate. But I noticed I wanted more. Not just more money, but MORE LIVING. So I opened my mind and heart to more. Piece by piece fell into place. I started listening to podcasts, read my first non fiction book by CHOICE. That first book rocked my world. And admittedly was NOT the book I have chosen for our first book (but I think when we’re ready should read it). It was Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. From there a whole world of amazing books was opened up to me. I learned about The Miracle Morning through a podcast and devoured it. Within the first day of reading (listening on audible) I was implementing the strategies for my own Miracle Morning, even though I had not yet gotten through the book and had no idea what I was doing!

I got my husband to do it. For the first few mornings I was the one setting the alarm, jumping out of bed and getting him up. After day 4 he was the one anxious to get up and start his own Miracle Morning. It was life changing. No exaggeration. Our whole life shifted and our focus changed. Our future became brighter and the possibilities seemed endless. I had no idea what would happen from here but I knew I was done with the old me. Done with mediocrity. And the best part? Even if I wanted to I could never go back. It just wasn’t possible. So from then on I’ve lived my life as the newer, better version of myself. And it’s been rewarding, fulfilling, and MIRACULOUS! You all need to read this book. We’re going to read it together. And if you read it with the right positive attitude it can change your life. So grab your copy of the book down below, or get your FREE AUDIBLE trial HERE and let’s get reading! We can all have early morning chats 🙂 And guess what? You’ll actually ENJOY being an early riser. Your world will be flipped upside down! Ok I’ve said enough. Let’s READ!!!



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