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Collect Memories and Not Things for Mother’s Day

Collect Memories and Not Things for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is such a great day to celebrate motherhood, womanhood, and all the hard work you put into raising your sweet little family. We want to get pampered, doted on, showered with gifts, and loved….right?! But, if you want to really make this once a year day feel extra special and memorable, then let’s focus less on collecting things and stuff and trinkets. Items that will be forgotten, broken, ripped, or stained. Let’s focus on collecting memories and not things for Mother’s Day. Let’s focus on what really matters.

What Matters Most

As a traveler and a minimalist, I’ve come to realize that stuff doesn’t matter. Shoes, clothes, home décor, purses, jewelry…all of that wears out over time and can be easily replaced. What really matters is the time you spend making memories. The time you spend creating experiences together. Those are the things that last.

Gift Ideas that will Be Memorable

When thinking about a gift to give that will be memorable and something that will create those special experiences, think about the hobbies, sports, events, or places you enjoy. Do you have something on your bucket list that you’ve just never gotten around to checking off? Do you have an activity that you love doing but just don’t take the time to do it? Do you have a favorite place you like to go? Ask yourself these questions when planning out your special Mother’s Day.

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a spa day with your daughter(s) and enjoy the quality time with her.
  • Go to your favorite restaurant as a family and order whatever you want!
  • Go on a tour in your area.
  • Take a class together with your husband or kids, something that you’ve been dying to learn! (photography, calligraphy, pottery, painting…)
  • Go on a fun boat ride, hot air balloon ride, go ziplining, or hiking…
  • Rent a fancy car and spend the day visiting fun places together.
  • Go to the beach and spend the day doing nothing but enjoying the sun.
  • Go to the lake and have a picnic.
  • Pack your bags and take a quick weekend getaway to somewhere new together.
  • Stay home and make delicious desserts and pick your favorite movie to watch.

Think outside the box! Think of ways that you can spend time together instead of wasting money on things that will eventually be forgotten. Just remember to take your camera so you can document the memories and look back on the fun you had!


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Collect memories and not things for mother's day


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