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EP 009: Owning Your Strengths with Marvelous Mom Marti Christensen

EP 009: Owning Your Strengths with Marvelous Mom Marti Christensen


I loved this interview so much that I wanted to hug Marti through the screen, and kept messaging her on Facebook as I was listening to it again preparing it for you guys telling her how much I loved her! This is one strong and inspiring woman and it doesn’t hurt that she’s not afraid to cry. I totally relate to cryers, I’m a BIG one! 🙂 Marti is a very Marvelous mom and one that I have watched and admired for many years. She opens up about her business in doTERRA, her three beautiful daughters and what life has been like doing it all. You’ll finish the episode wishing she was your best friend! Prepare to glean some motivation and be reminded that you are SO SO MARVELOUS!

Also, it’s giveaway time again! You need to listen for full details but one lucky listener is winning a 5 ml bottle of either lavender, peppermint or lemon! Have a listen to find out exactly what you need to do and make sure you do it by SUNDAY NIGHT! Winner announced Monday morning! Have a great day everyone!

Why crying isn't bad for you as a mom or for your kids- emotional health and strong women

Essential Oils for moms

Why it's important for moms to own their strengths- humility is good but it can get carried away we need to pass confidence on to our children- listen in to this episode to hear more


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