Ep: 011 Keeping it Simple with Amanda Earnest

unnamed-1Amanda is my soul sister and I’ve only known her a few short weeks. We’ve never actually met face to face but she’s inspiring, and as the mom of 5 she has learned some great lessons she shared with me on the podcast! From her beauty blog to her daughter’s unique nursery, you’ll love hearing her talk about her crazy fun filled miniature van driving life!

I love talking to moms who have a “side hustle” as Amanda calls it who understand that being a mom comes first but it is extremely rewarding to find ways to contribute to the family income from the comfort of home! With five beautiful children and multiple entrepreneur ventures, Amanda has all kinds of knowledge and experience to encourage other moms who might be wanting a bit more out of life! You’ll love her bubbly voice and I guarantee you’ll smile or giggle at least once listening to us chat!

Find Amanda on her blog: www.ocbeautymom.com or on INSTAGRAM! You’ll get some fun mommy tips and makeup tricks that will make mommyhood more fun! Also find her on PERISCOPE/Twitter to see her live tutorials! (It’s super super fun)