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Ep 013: The “Cool” Mom- Designer, Musician and Marvelous Mom- Kimi Encarnacion

Ep 013: The “Cool” Mom- Designer, Musician and Marvelous Mom- Kimi Encarnacion

I have my whole life to be boring, why start now???

kimiwithkids You know that mom, the one you’re like “How is she just SO cool? Can I be that cool or was she just born with that cool factor?” That for me is moms like Kimi. She stands out, she’s not afraid to be authentic, original and it’s impossible to not like her. I love her unique style, her attitude of fun and the mother she is to her two teenage sons! It is with CRAZY excitement that I share this interview with the “cool” mom in my hood, Kimi!  Not only is she a cool mom but she’s a cool person. She’s in a band, she goes to concerts with her kids and is an avid Coachella attendee, her boys will tell you at any given time music is blasting through the house, need I say more? Oh wait, I can. She’s been in a movie! So rockstar, movie star and now, Marvelous Mom’s Star!

Want to see how awesome she is? Find here in these places:

Kimi’s shop Honey of California

Kimi’s home feature on A Beautiful Mess

Find her on INSTAGRAM!

Kimi’s band Moonpools and Caterpillars 

Clip of her band playing in the movie “Wish Upon a Star”

And if that’s not enough I’m sure you can find lots more about her by searching her name Kimi Encarnacion! 🙂

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