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Ep 015: Getting Our Babies HERE! An Unconventional Journey with Tracy Layne

Ep 015: Getting Our Babies HERE! An Unconventional Journey with Tracy Layne


TracyOliverDo you guys have a tissue? You’ll need a whole box. I mean this photo. I’ve been looking at it for over 6 years and I still just can’t look at it without crying. This photo epitomizes everything we feel whether we give birth or adopt. What a miracle every time a baby is placed in our lives! The love is overwhelming and indescribable.

Tracy is one of those mommies whose life has mirrored my own in many ways and the greatest moments have been when we chat on Facebook and commisurate over the struggles we face as business owners and mothers of very active children.  I knew she’d be a marvelous mom to talk with for you all to hear, and honestly was really genuinely surprised when I learned about how she brought her two beautiful daughters into her family. Her story is special, she’s marvelous and you just have to listen to learn why! 🙂  You will love keeping tabs on her, she has an absolutely beautiful photography business full of such life and love, if you’re wanting some amazing photos she’s got some mad skills!

Follow Tracy on Instagram and her STUDIO here!

Tracy’s incredible photography business is HERE

The blog post where Tracy talks about Oliver and the WHY regarding the trial of faith getting him HERE

Thank you Tracy for sharing your story with us, I truly love you for being honest and open!

Have a great weekend everyone and don’t forget about the giveaway, details HERE!

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  • Thanks for this beautiful and inspiring podcast with Tracy. After 6 years, I NEVER tire of looking at this moment when my beautiful daughter became a mom.


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