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Ep 016: Casts on Both Legs- Doing what you have to do with Mary Kathryn Johnson

Ep 016: Casts on Both Legs- Doing what you have to do with Mary Kathryn Johnson

“I love my kids enough to use a mirror and face my fears and insecurities in order to raise them in the best way possible.”

MKJHeadshot1015I loved talking to Mary. I mean it, she was the calm and soothing voice I needed to hear to start my day when we chatted on Skype. A lady after my own heart she didn’t care that I jumped right to the point when asking her to be on my podcast. I had seen her logo next to mine on iTunes for her latest podcast, Parents Power Rush, and didn’t even know she had another podcast, the wildly successful Parent Entrepreneur Power! Both are incredible podcasts, suited for moms or business owners who either have only a few minutes or an hour to listen to other amazing parent entrepreneurs and how they are rocking it in their businesses and families.

As you’ll hear in the episode I was very excited to listen to episode 100 of Parent Entrepreneur Power and you can have a listen to it as well RIGHT HERE. It was really fascinating to hear the perspective of these children from ages 3-23 and how their parents being entrepreneurs has effected their lives and what they consider to be normal living! I realized how important it is for me to just be PRESENT in my children’s lives, not to always be doing these grandiose things or buying them stuff, but to just PLAY with them.

That’s all our kids really want from us is our time. And what better way to give it to them than by being financially independent and able to spend endless hours with them? It would be my dream come true!

So one of the coolest things about Mary? You’re probably wondering about the title right? She broke both of her legs while 7 months pregnant with her second son and was in casts for the rest of her pregnancy and then delivered her son with casts on! After that incredible trial she realized she could literally do anything!

Mary Kathryn has lived a busy and very fulfilling life with her sons who take a great interest in what she does. It was inspiring to me to see that my own children easily fit into this new world of mine as a podcaster and I look forward to having them on the show soon!

Some of the highlights of our little chat:

Books she’s reading and recommends:

Steal the Show – Michael Port

Ask – Ryan Levesque

Stop Chasing Influencers – Kimanzi Constable

Will it Fly? – Pat Flynn

Harry Potter 

Why Harry Potter? Because of her favorite quote: “It is our choices that determine who we truly are far more than our abilities” -J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter.

You can find this incredible woman in so many places but here are just a few:


Her Parent Entrepreneur Headquarters 

Parent’s Power Rush Podcast 

“If someone says you have to be talented to do something, leave them and find someone else who looks at you and says you’ve got it in you RIGHT NOW.”- Mary Kathryn Johnson. I hope that’s how you all feel being here in the Marvelous Mom’s Club! I believe in you, and know YOU have it in you RIGHT NOW!

Thank you Mary for sharing your passion and wisdom with us fellow marvelous moms!

Casts on both legs this mom delivered her baby- listen to her truly inspiring story

This pregnant mom broke both her legs- what she did next will amaze you- listen in if you need some inspiration and are facing hard things

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