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Ep 021: Large Family on Purpose with Erika Shupe

Ep 021: Large Family on Purpose with Erika Shupe


Shupe Family Zoo 8 2013This interview…this one was for me. You guys are welcome to enjoy it as well but it was exactly what I needed to hear when Erika chatted with me on Skype. It’s always refreshing to realize there are amazing moms out there like Erika! Moms who’s perspective needs to be shared more often! I was referred to the Large Families on Purpose blog by a great friend who liked Erika and Bob’s organization tips and was so blown away by the fact that they have 9 children in a very modest sized home (1100 square feet). I too was very intrigued and was thrilled when Erika, the mother of 9 kids ages 5-17 agreed to talk to me and tell me about how her family stays productive and happy. After talking with her the whole concept of 9 children didn’t seem so overwhelming, and I love her words “God knew I needed more patience, so it took nine children!” Erika talks about how planning and preparation make all the difference no matter the size of your family. Realizing your day is like a map, you have 24 hours in a day, how will you use those hours?  I really like the way she brought awareness to the fact that we can’t set all these expectations for ourselves and feel like failures at the end of the day. We have to be realistic, have a plan and implement the plan!

This is a fantastic mom to follow, you’ll get lots of great ideas and tips! Thank you Erika for allowing me to share your story! It was truly my honor!

Book she recommends, “Keeping Our Children’s Hearts” -Teri Maxwell 

One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are- Ann Voskamp

Small home large family- how to make it work- Mom of 9 shares on the Podcast how her family lives happily in 1,000 square foot house!

9 Kids- Having a large family on purpose

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  • Thanks Kirsten for reaching out to Erika and putting this interview together. She had a great time talking with you!

  • I just love Erika and her willingness to share her advice on practical, applicable, family logistics! She is such a blessing to so many. 🙂

  • Hi Erika,
    I do not even have children yet but your can-do attitude really helps me with the anxiety and fear that I struggle with when I think about whether or not to start a family. If your faith helps you to feel confident, I want some of that. Thanks for shining your light.

  • I love your blog! I have six and am expecting my seventh. Some days I’m unmotivated, especially being 12 weeks along. I’m learning to ask for help from
    my older ones. God bless and thanks for all you do Mrs. Shupe.

  • So encouraging. Erika makes me normal in my thinking of how God opens and closes the womb and leaning on Him to provide for each one th a t comes along. We have 7 living witb us and 1 in Wisconsin. You are a true blessing


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