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Ep 022: Moms Can Have Dreams Too! With Military Wife Morgan Slade

Ep 022: Moms Can Have Dreams Too! With Military Wife Morgan Slade

Morgan, oh Morgan you are now someone I consider lucky to call a friend! I loved hearing your stories and seeing life through your eyes!  You are so strong and have endured some pretty crazy trials and I thank you for sharing some of those moments with everyone here!  Your faith and hard work is an example to me and is a reminder to us all that yes, moms have dreams too! And I’m excited to see yours keep coming true.

Morgan is a freelance photo journalist and lover of all things history. A storyteller by trade, Morgan has had her photographs and writings featured in over seventy-five publications including both web and print . Morgan is a Military Spouse and mother of three, ADORABLE kids, see the picture? I’m serious they’re crazy cute.  Morgan has made it her life’s work to promote the ideology that every day life is beautiful and meaningful. If you can’t find her singing Justin Timberlake’s greatest hits, she might be shooting hoops in the nearest gym, or pretending to train for a marathon. 

 Last year her husband was deployed while she was home with a newborn baby and two other very young children, for 10 months. Through the support of family and friends, church, and some really strong faith she made it through that and many other trials throughout the year.

Morgan, you’re a soul sister- we cry, we drink diet coke…we’re just meant to be friends! And now you have thousands of other friends who have listened and want to be your BFF as well!

So what makes Morgan Marvelous? SO many things, but from her perspective:

“I’m not afraid to say sorry. I’m not afraid to tell my kids sorry. I think that is a great quality. I am not a perfect mom by any means, I want my kids to see what genuine apologies are like. Also, I think forgiveness. I’ve had to ask for their forgiveness a lot. Maybe my one redeeming quality is that I’m not afraid to say sorry.”

You can follow Morgan’s incredible Photography HERE on her website, and soon I’ll hopefully be sharing links to her new blog!

In the meantime, here are some amazing articles she’s written:

What Does it Take to be a Good Military Parent

When Strong Things Break

ALL of Morgan’s articles! 

Thanks again Morgan, you were just delightful!

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