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Ep 026: Level Up Your Momness! With Jayna Neilson

Ep 026: Level Up Your Momness! With Jayna Neilson


Jayna- AKA Supermom was so delightful to chat with about being a newbie mom, the challenges of kids with food allergies (ok that’s not glamorous but it’s important!) and leveling up when it comes to phases of motherhood.

A former lady wrestler (in high school) who is willing to try just about anything you ask her to, she is an inspiration to me to think outside the fitness box and realize how many fun ideas there are in the world of activity! She adapted her fitness to fit in with her life as a mother, getting total fulfillment out of climbing and running after realizing she was injured/hurting, tired/painful too often with Obstacle Course Running. The fact that she even DID obstacle courses is super awe inspiring for me, and even more so that she didn’t give up on her fitness and activity goals just by finding something new that worked for her! SO many of us think we can make excuses for not getting exercise because of circumstances or weaknesses…but when you’re dedicated to something you will always find a way! That’s what makes Jayna super mom! Well that…and so many other things!

She is totally disconnected (in the best way possible) from social media and I even schooled her a bit about the world of Snapchat! She invests in real face time with her kids and might explain the mentality behind those friends of ours we all have who take days to text us back. 🙂 It’s a breath of fresh air and a nice shift in perspective to realize we CAN live without instagram! We CAN! 🙂

You’ll enjoy her sweet and welcoming voice as she talks about her personal experiences and trials, and will feel like you’ve just had a heartwarming chat with one of your best friends. Listen in and be uplifted!

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