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Ep 027: Don’t Take Yourself Seriously! With Megan Silianoff

Ep 027: Don’t Take Yourself Seriously! With Megan Silianoff


Megan was a delight- totally inspiring and one of those moms you’re like wait WHAT you have endured that? You have done that? WOW. Way more than I bargained for when I asked you to be on the podcast! She was sent to me via Candace, who was on the podcast a couple of weeks ago! These girls are such cool girls and I’m so amazed at what they are doing in the blogging and business world!

Megan has overcome some of the biggest obstacles people face- like the big kahuna ones that people usually only get one of. She is a cancer survivor who has had so many surgeries she can’t keep them straight, and also went through the adoption process to become a mother to her amazing daughter.

The most amazing thing she said during our chat was, “You can take your situation seriously without taking yourself seriously.” How profound is that? How often do we think the two go hand in hand? And how much easier would those hard and ridiculous things be that we are faced with if we learned to not take ourselves too seriously? Profound stuff Megan, you should totally write a book. Oh wait! You have! Three of them in fact. I’ll link to those below.

Enjoy our chat about her thriving business, blog, books she’s written and how she took a crazy trip all alone to Africa and what she is excited to do next!

You can follow her on her blog Greetings From Texas or her check out her super cool Marketing firm- Mad Meg Creative 

What’s Megan reading? Check out her faves here:

And of course, Megan’s books! Grab a copy!

Thank you Megan for being on the podcast, it was such a fun time talking with you and I’m so amazed at everything you are doing! Keep up the AMAZING work! 🙂

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