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Ep 030: Giving Yourself Grace with Kim Stoddard of The Small Seed

Ep 030: Giving Yourself Grace with Kim Stoddard of The Small Seed

kimimage1It’s amazing we condensed so much goodness into one short conversation. It’s like the most incredible can of soup ever. Weird analogy I know, but this lady just has it all. Brains, talent, spirit and the most intoxicating energy that had me giggling the rest of the morning!

Kim is most famously known for working as a collaborator on The Small Seed, an inspirational and uplifting website/instagram feed to find amazing messages from amazing women. Sound familiar? Yeah pretty similar to Marvelous Moms Club, which is why I am so drawn to it! Kim’s hayseed farmer’s wife (insert giggle) background gives her the perfect perspective to help cultivate and plant these spiritual seeds with women from all over the world. Ok not hayseed- this is not life on the prairie (but wouldn’t that be even more fun to imagine?) rather modern day legit farming!

Her husband left corporate litigation to continue on the family farm because despite how much he loved law, he missed harvest and tractor riding. So side by side they planted their roots in Idaho where she is completely content and at home, in of all places- Grace, Idaho. Sensing a theme?

Kim also keeps herself rather busy with one of my favorite creations ever- Lulu Kids Books! Printable busy books that will keep your kids busy for HOURS! And this week only she is running a special sale for us MARVELOUS MOMS! So head to the site Lulu Kids Books to snag yours!


The Small Seed has an incredible collaborative challenge going on right now #choosingtolovemyself. It’s time to see ourselves as God sees us and they are starting a movement in which for 18 days you cannot say anything mean to yourself. Challenging? You bet! Amazing? Oh yes. Head to The Small Seed to learn more about it and get involved!

Kim’s claim to marvelous mom is her ability to give herself GRACE. To forgive herself and to be kind to herself. It’s an absolutely perfect sentiment and something we all need a bit more of!

Thank you Kim, I loved everything about our talk and am truly so impressed by all you are accomplishing in your life as a wife, friend, business owner and of course- MOTHER!

Thank you for sharing a bit of YOUR grace with the rest of us. It was an honor!

Books Kim is reading:

And we had some audio issues when we talked about this last book but it’s a great one to recommend too:

Small Seeds Author is on the podcast sharing inspiration and encouragement for moms- come listen in

Choose to love yourself- we have an 18 day challenge for you come check it out

Surprisingly effective way to stop negative self talk

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