Ep 031: Healing Our Hearts Through Service and Love

Miranda is my sweet and wonderful sister in law who I convinced to share her story on the podcast. Her journey to motherhood was a long, painful and bittersweet one full of many twists and turns. Some I was there for, some I was not. And I saw from a distance the darkness that consumed her for many years.

And I saw her rise out of the ashes. I see her now, and admire her as one of the most marvelous moms I know! Through 7 pregnancies she has been blessed with two living children, two of the cutest boys I know (and not just because I’m biased). She has climbed out of the darkest emotional place to a place of complete power and joy. Finding herself at the bottom of a very deep emotional well she realized that as low as she was, someday she would be amazing and could reach the very opposite end of the spectrum to reach heights she never would or could have if not for these experiences that had knocked her all the way to the bottom.

Miranda has become a powerhouse of knowledge, love, health and service using her experiences and struggles to bless the lives of others. She has been led to cross paths with many mothers who needed her unique perspective in their lives as they faced similar struggles. Choosing to not wallow in her pain, but rather help those who needed her she has found healing and peace in serving. It’s a powerful blessing and one I admire greatly in her.

You will find out quickly why I think she’s a marvelous mom and why her story belongs here on the podcast! Thank you Miranda for being brave and talking about some of your deepest and most emotional experiences. You will be blessed for your open heart!

I love you and am so grateful I had this opportunity to hear your story again and share it with others who may need it!