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Ep 035: Planning Ahead for Successful Parenting with Emilee Hatch

Ep 035: Planning Ahead for Successful Parenting with Emilee Hatch


2015-06-15_0015I know the title seems really intimidating- and we all know that no parent feels like a major success all of the time. But we all find some pretty amazing results when we think ahead and plan for a good outcome!

Emilee has some serious planning skills and always accounts for the small details. Due in part to her educational background and the years she spent nannying, she approached parenting with a plan and was prepared with ways she would use that plan in the raising of her own kids.

She worked very hard to help her son Seth when she realized he was struggling with his speech and communication skills. I watched her tackle the problem head on and saw the fruits of her hard work. I still see them every day and am in constant awe at how devoted she is to her children, the things she is teaching them already and how disciplined she is at sticking to her plan. Not that she doesn’t incorporate flexibility and fun into their lives- she’s the queen of park dates and can calm and soothe any child and help them see rationally! But you can tell there’s something different about her- something MARVELOUS that you wish you could bottle up and use in your own parenting.

Thank you Emilee for sharing your perspective on parenting and life! You are one of my greatest examples of motherhood!

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When your toddler can't or won't talk- dealing with toddler speech delays, speech therapy ect


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