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Ep 034: Do You Know the Secrets of Life?! No really- do you?

Ep 034: Do You Know the Secrets of Life?! No really- do you?


I may or may not be a little bit enthused today talking to you about life, secrets of life and the importance of working your tooshie off to achieve your goals!

I often look around me and wonder if people know what I am just learning or if they need me to teach them! I am thirty years old and until the past few months had no idea what I was doing. I was- as Napoleon Hill puts it- a drifter. I thought I was working hard. But I wasn’t working nearly as hard as I work now. I wanted money and success for our family but had no idea that my own mindset was getting in the way of that!

As a mother I know that the level my family thrives at is dependent upon the levels I am at. I set the tone, I create the foundation and I am teaching them in thought, deed, EVERYTHING. I can’t fall short of my goal to be marvelous! I just can’t. And neither can you!

Head to join the club. Join the Facebook group, follow me on instagram and periscope and start learning all the tools you need to become truly MARVELOUS! You have it in you right now, THIS moment. So stop waiting for someone to hand you a golden ticket and get your work pants on and start digging. Only you can make the life you dream. Only you can make yourself a MARVELOUS MOM!

These are my favorite Napoleon Hill books- the ones you NEED TO READ! My good friend Amanda over at OC Beauty Mom and I joked tonight that someday when our ships come in we’ll name them “Napoleon” and “Hill” and they shall be sister boats and we’ll travel together. (insert laughing/crying emoji) I just love these books. Get them. NOW!

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Oh and Marvelous Moms- have you started the book club book? I have slightly dropped the ball but I really want to chat soon about where you’re at in:



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