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Ep 036: Educating and Empowering Kids with Dina Alexander

Ep 036: Educating and Empowering Kids with Dina Alexander


Dina is the director of an amazing program called Educate and Empower Kids. Together with her organization they have written three books that will help you talk to your kids about some of life’s most challenging topics. I loved talking with her about screen time and how my personal usage is impacting my kids and their perceptions of what is acceptable. My mind was blown in the best way possible when she opened up about sex talk with our kids and being the first person they get their information from. I realized how much I have ahead but feel less alone and daunted by the task I have as a mother in sharing these important and valuable lessons with my kids thanks to her words both live and in the books we discussed.

Being a parent is overwhelming and we all wish we had a guide or manual to help us. I honestly feel that this organization and these books are just what every parent needs to navigate the twisty paths of parenthood and give us an incredible advantage to be as marvelous as we want to be. I loved Dina’s enthusiasm and passion for motherhood and how she used that to fuel an even bigger cause helping parents all over the world! Thank you for the motivating and amazing information Dina!!! Can’t wait to have you back!

Educate and Empower Kids:




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