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Ep 037: Following BIG Dreams with Megen McBride

Ep 037: Following BIG Dreams with Megen McBride


Megen is a big time inspiration to me. Talk about following your dreams and not letting “life” get in the way of the life that truly makes you happy. Not only has she become a mother to five amazing children, she is now a student in the middle of a 4 year program at a Naturopathic Medical school in San Diego.

In the middle of her mommy years with three children she thought she was done having children since it had become difficult to get pregnant. Five years after her youngest was born she finally had another child and it was after that birth that she decided she wanted to go back to school to finish the education┬ánecessary to put her in the career she’d always dreamed of. And it was days before her schooling started that she discovered she was pregnant AGAIN with her fifth child! She didn’t let that hold her back and simply took the education slowly allowing her to still be the mother she wanted to be.

It’s always a blessing to have a strong support system and especially when that support comes from a spouse or significant other. With a busy thriving family Megen is able to “do it all” with the encouragement of his husband as well as a close friend who gives her the time she needs to conquer her world. And truly her family IS thriving and she’s giving an amazing example to her children of what it looks like to work hard to achieve your dreams.

I was so inspired by Megen and really wish she wasn’t SO busy so we could hang out on the beach together! But until she’s done with her program I’ll have to politely wait my turn to have her attention ­čÖé I’m just happy she made time to chat with me and share her interesting life story! It really illustrates the importance and POSSIBILITY of following your dreams!



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