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Ep 038: Creating Your Creativity with Bev Feldman

Ep 038: Creating Your Creativity with Bev Feldman


P1130033I really enjoyed this little chat because so often I don’t give myself credit for the levels of creativity I have. I consider myself a creative person but I think the days of Pinterest and serious style have thrown me off my game.

I’m by no means a crafty or creative person when it comes to art. I was so proud when I learned how to do some elementary school level stuff in college- it’s just not my thing. But I’m creative in MANY other ways! And so are you!

In Bev’s book, The busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity she teaches and shows moms of all creative types how they can utilize the talents and tools already given to them. It really blows the lid off of my perception of the “creative mom” type and how even keeping my kids from throwing tantrums can really illustrate my creativity.

I love how well her messages blend with the messages of the Marvelous Mom’s Club community. Doing things that make YOU happy will make you a BETTER mom! Can you believe that? It’s true.

Bev is an avid jewelry maker, an entrepreneur and mommy to a beautiful little girl! Listen in to our chat about her book, her crafting journey and how she’s developed her skills to pay her bills! 🙂

Check out her book- The Busy Mom’s Guide to Creativity

(it’s almost available but you can get a FREE chapter if you subscribe now!)

Thanks Bev I loved having you on the show!


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