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EP 040: When Life Gets Hard to Stand, Just Keep on Rollin’ with Meg Johnson

EP 040: When Life Gets Hard to Stand, Just Keep on Rollin’ with Meg Johnson


kelly (6)Meg’s story is one of the most inspiring and amazing stories I’ve ever had on the podcast. You would never know from her attitude and insanely beautiful smile that she has endured the most painful and life changing obstacles. She lives life in a wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down with use of her arms but not hands.  For many people that would be the end of hope, dreaming, LIVING. But for Meg that’s not the case. She has pushed through the frustration, anger and pain to find herself smack dab in the most beautiful and happy life, filled with more joy than most people ever experience who never face the challenges she has faced!IMG_0746

I loved talking with her about what REAL paralysis is- not believing or having hope and completely giving up on life. Paralysis of the mind can be much more crippling than physical paralysis.  How many people do you know who are similar to Meg and have chosen to rise above their struggles and become the strongest people you know? And how many people do you know that have given up too soon or have resorted to a life of mental paralysis? Which one do you want to be?

You can read Meg’s full post here about her two questions she says will help you through any trial: “What can I learn from this, and who can I help?” I love this amazing perspective and plan to start implementing it into my daily life! And while you’re at it just check out her whole website- she’s an amazing woman and has made a huge impact on the world including creating the Miss

I loved her approach to prayer as well, not praying to avoid problems, but praying to be a good problem solver. It puts so much more control into our hands with the help of a higher power. We can’t sit around waiting for life to be perfect- we have to work hard to create the lives we want and thank God for His hand in all of it!IMG_20140220_100716

And one of my favorite things she shared with me- don’t make a “to-do” list, make a “ta-da” list! We’ve talked about lists here before in the Marvelous Moms community and it is SO important to praise ourselves and be proud of our accomplishments than shaming ourselves for not getting it all done! So everyone change those to do’s to TA DA’S! 🙂

Listen in to hear all the rest of the juicy stuff we chatted about including her experience with a real live angel. 🙂 Thanks Meg for sharing your love and amazing attitude with everyone on the podcast! You’re absolutely MARVELOUS!

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  • I just love you, Meg Johnson! You speak of angels coming to you, you are an angel that has come to me! I heard you speak at Queen of the Kingdom for the first time. Now here. I’ve gotten your cd’s and books to share with my daughters and YW. You’re a beautiful sparkling ray of sunshine. Thank you for being you! I love you.


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