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EP 041: Attacking Struggles with Jackie Richards

EP 041: Attacking Struggles with Jackie Richards

image1Jackie is AMAZING and hearing her story reminded me that I should NEVER complain over a headache or mild discomfort in my life.  She is battling pain each day with diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis which makes even opening a baby bottle an overwhelming task. Talk about a motivational person who makes me want to be better every time I talk to her!

Jackie and I connected through the marvelous world of Periscope- and if you’re still not on there-WHY NOT? You are missing out on some amazing women with incredible stories! All you need to do is follow me and see who I’m following to check out the amazing world of “Scope Sisters” who are encouraging each other and rooting for each other from the comforts of home! You can find me @marvelous_moms and Jackie: @jack_attacks_ra

Jackie has been in tough situations trying to weigh the pros and cons with medication while pregnant and after the birth of her son who came prematurely.  She finally came to the point where she no longer wants to rely on medication to make her feel better- she wanted to take her health into her own hands and see if her diet and exercise habits could lead to a healthier and happier body. And I want to say- this cannot be an easy task with a body that screams out in pain when she pushes too hard. The patience that would be required is mind boggling. Don’t you just LOVE how strong the women of this podcast are? It inspires me in the deepest way!

I love that Jackie touched on the fact that no matter whether we have an autoimmune disease or NOT we all have a struggle in life, and we all need to learn to love ourselves. “It’s ironic that my body hates my body”. She firmly believes that her body started believing the words she told herself. I’m so happy she’s rewiring her beliefs and realizing how much power she has in her mind! To hear her say those words was so exciting and made me so happy.

Something I love about social media is the ability to follow someone’s journey right in the middle of it. I can’t wait to see Jackie work hard to accomplish her goals and share her process with us all! You can follow her on her instagram account HERE.

Thank you Jackie for sharing your story with everyone and for being an amazing mommy friend who is dedicated to the same cause! I love you!





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