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Ep 044: I Am Marvelous Because…

Ep 044: I Am Marvelous Because…

12038159_10153167199988873_7297828039678891805_nHello lovely ladies! Today I’m talking about a reconciliation of sorts that has happened for me emotionally as a mother in the past few days. Before I started this podcast I was a lot like most moms. I catered to my kids, loved getting out of the house and hated cleaning. I still hate cleaning but because I’ve been so absorbed in the podcast and all that goes with it I haven’t been getting out as much. In fact when I go out it’s for a REALLY good reason. We don’t even go out to eat much anymore. We try to plan our time so carefully that there’s little opportunity for wasted moments. And that’s not to say we don’t have FUN! It’s rare but we do watch the occasional movie, we go outside for walks and play at the park, we go shopping etc. But we used to be going out and about EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

I would go to Disneyland weekly with my kids by myself. We would have zoo days in San Diego, and during the summer we are at the beach at least 3 days per week. What’s changed? I became laser focused on my goals and we have all been so much better for it! We all work hard, we have fun and we value all of our time not just part of it. We love weekends and live for family time and a chance to do things together.

But the other day I realized I sort of miss that spontaneous version of myself that had no cares in the world and could just skip around town, spend hours at Target and go grocery shopping 3 days per week. I miss the unplanned park visits, the play dates with friends and the long Disney days. I love my work- but I love those past moments too. So I’m chatting today about one thing that makes me Marvelous- my ability to have FUN with my kids. And whether that’s reading to them or checking out 500 books from the library because I want to teach them ALL the things, or dropping it all to have an adventure day, I just LOVE that I have kids to play with and create memories with!

I’m finding a way right now to bring both worlds together a bit more and to let that spontaneity fly it’s flag a bit higher. I can’t wait to bring the carefree me and the hard working me together- I think magic will happen…

Pumpkin patch
That time at the “farm” which ended in tears and screams…


Viva Las Vegas
This is a favorite trip of mine. We headed to Utah and stayed in Vegas just me and the littles. I hauled all our stuff through the casino to the hotel room alone, with all three of them tagging behind. Trying to keep them all off the slot machines was fun and we didn’t arrive at the hotel until midnight. The next day we had fun eating the buffet, swimming and jumping on the beds! Stressful but a favorite memory of mine as a mommy!




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