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EP 045: Nurturing Bright and Energetic Kids with Michelle Gornichec

EP 045: Nurturing Bright and Energetic Kids with Michelle Gornichec


PLR-93721Michelle is Marvelous to me and has been an example of how to nurture some of those characteristics in our children we may not fully understand or appreciate.  As a mother with children the same age I have observed how she has dealt with her oldest son and his energetic spirit. I was blown away once when I saw a video she had posted online of her son Carter working with flashcards and naming all the capitals of countries. It could have been one of those moments that made me feel like a failure as a mom but it actually fueled me to work harder and to find out how I could hone some of Connor’s skills (since he keeps me on my crazy toes). It led me to buying some really cool technical toys he loved that tapped into that engineering obsession side of his brain. (You can see one of my faves below).

Sometimes we are blessed with gifted children who blow us away with their intellect and sleek learning curve. I love how Michelle described moments when her son asks her questions and she either makes up an answer or says she doesn’t know, to which he replies “No mom, this is the right answer.” He already knows! Can any of you relate? Do you feel totally unfit to be teaching such bright kids with a quick learning ability? I know that some of the struggles I’ve had as a parent are from not understanding what to do with all the energy and curiosity of my kids. Not realizing those things that drive me nuts are actually the things that make them completely brilliant! Having people like Michelle to watch helps to realize there is SO much we can do for our skills to enhance their God given talents and traits!

I love that they spend a lot of time in Barnes and Noble. I tried going there with my kids and it was total chaos, they clearly do NOT spend enough time in quiet places. But it creates such a great energy of learning and totally motivated me to become the BEST teacher to my kids I possibly can be. Just yesterday I spent 20 minutes at Target in the book section (because Target is my life and my one stop shop) picking out amazing books for my kids to learn with. You can see some of my favorite items in my STORE and I’ve linked below to some fun flash cards you can try with your kids like Michelle- the flash card family mom! 🙂 Oh and also, the book series Michelle is reading is right here:

Thank you Michelle for chatting with me about our bonds over sleeplessness, rough days where we’re in survival mode and how you are marvelously tackling motherhood! I’m totally inspired by you so don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all the great things you do!



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