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Ep 046: Opening the Door to Love with Nicole “Scoprah” Walters of The Monetized Life

Ep 046: Opening the Door to Love with Nicole “Scoprah” Walters of The Monetized Life


With disruption comes risk and with risk comes fear and the only thing that trumps fear is faith! 


NapNicLLC_Images11Nicole Walters aka “Scoprah” is an amazingly talented and successful business woman who has inspired thousands of people to go after their dreams and achieve a monetized life. What does that mean exactly? It means that no matter how much experience you have in business it is possible to monetize. Whether it be monetizing your appearance and the looks you display on Periscope or monetizing a seemingly fruitless business, she gives people the tools to become financially free through her website and her wildly sought after program 1K1Day. But that’s not her whole story. And it’s not even the best PART of her story. The thing I love most about Nicole is that she is first and foremost a MOTHER.

Nicole is my age and has three “tinies” as she likes to call them. They are foster daughters she opened her home to when their biological mother was facing struggles with addiction and a period of incarceration. Rather than let these three sisters go into the foster system and possibly be split up she and her husband (or hubbin’ as she lovingly refers to him on Periscope) took in all three girls, 16, 13 and 4.

Today she is striving to give them they life they deserve. They have gone from days of not having three square meals to knowing that a college education is possible. They have a home filled with love, structure and knowledge. With Nicole as their foster mother they have doors opening to them daily and the cycle of limiting beliefs they might have been subjected to has been stopped.

One of my favorite moments was realizing that while Nicole is not biologically tied to these daughters, she understands that deep rooted love that comes with parenting. She looks at her girls and doesn’t know how anyone can doubt the existence of God- in those girls she sees everything that is beautiful and right with the world. It’s a joy that only mothers know. And it proves that children need not be flesh and blood, our souls are linked and that maternal instinct is so inherent and beautiful!

Nicole has achieved large amounts of success in the last 7 months, beginning when she quit her job live on Periscope in front of 10,000 people. She left behind a pretty comfortable job to pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship full time and to give those corporate strategies to regular every day people who were striving for success. People like me. Her passion for what she does is wonderful for two reasons. 1. She really genuinely wants people to be happy and successful in their businesses and lives, and 2. Her motivation for her own success goes far deeper than her own rank or bank balance. She knows that if her girls attend college she’ll be the one cutting the check. And even now while they are all home she knows it’s imperative they have a loving and comfortable home- complete with black shutters and a red door.

Listen in with us and hear even more about her journey, her struggles in motherhood and how she applies the principles of entrepreneurship to parenting and how you can too!

Check her out at THE MONETIZED LIFE


Thank you Nicole for being an open book and inspiring me and so many others to work hard towards making our dreams come true- as people and especially as mothers! You are truly a MARVELOUS MOM!

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