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Ep 048: I Can Do Hard Things with Cancer Survivor Desirae Ogden

Ep 048: I Can Do Hard Things with Cancer Survivor Desirae Ogden


headshot1Cancer- it’s such a dirty word and brings with it so much fear and negativity. So many people have lost their lives to cancer and even more have survived and gone on to thrive in a new sort of way. Desirae is a breast cancer survivor and had a long battle with it resulting in double mastectomy and even hysterectomy. With four young children she was faced with one of her hardest life struggles to date and learned many lessons that can be passed along to all of you!

Faith in God, family and friends and an amazing support system and blogging were her biggest tools in staying positive and fighting through the yucky days to survive not only the cancer but the effects thereof afterwards.  She started something called “pink days” where family and friends would send pictures in of them wearing pink, sending her love and support which made the entire process much less painful.  Most cancer patients either keep the whole process very private or share it all to help them cope. Desirae was a talker and on top of blogging her journey she kept a journal which led to her “accidental book” that she self published- One Day at a Time- My Journey with Cancer. When going through her own personal struggles she felt that at the time there was really nothing with a spiritual base that could help her get through her fight with cancer- so her book fills a need she felt she had when she was in the middle of the hard days.  And as she said, we all have a cancer of sorts so this book can really benefit everyone faced with hard challenges!

Beyond just the struggling with cancer and learning its types and possible treatments (more at she has had a lot of mental healing to do- can you imagine living knowing cancer is always playing a silent role in your life? The fear that could overtake you if you always worried it would come back? The PTSD you’d experience when recalling the awful moments spent during the darkest days? It think it’s so important  that Desirae put that out there- it’s so much more than cancer- it changes you for the rest of your life. The life you are SO grateful to be living!

Something I think we can all take away from episodes like this is the reminder that life is SO precious. Be it our own lives, the lives of our children and those we love, we need to let the small things go and appreciate each breath we take because we never know how long we’ll be allowed to enjoy this beautiful life. Let the messes and piles go- hold your kids and love each moment spent with them.

I loved hearing how it was hard for Desirae to believe her family could function without her there 100% as she recovered and fought cancer. I think too often we try to do it all- to be everything for everyone and it’s important to allow people to serve US sometimes. To realize that someday we want to give service with a heart full of selfless love and to feel the love of others as they are striving to lift some of our burdens. There are earthly angels all around us waiting for a chance to help us!

You can keep up with her blog and ever evolving journey HERE ON HER BLOG! 

Thank you Desirae for sharing your message- that we ALL can DO HARD THINGS! Your story is inspiring and I am so thankful you have written your book and will help to lighten other people’s burdens in this life!


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  • I just listened to this with a full heart & tears of empathy, & love? You are a marvelous mom!! We have gained strength from your courageous battle & example. We love you!!


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