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Ep 049: Kindness and Love Begin with ME

Ep 049: Kindness and Love Begin with ME


Today it’s me- Kirsten, the host of this marvelous podcast talking about some of the tender moments I’ve experienced this week as a mother- and talking REAL about how difficult this job can be at times. How exhausting and draining it is and how easy it is to revert to negativity. How HUMAN it is to feel down, to feel like a failure and to want to wallow in those feelings. And also how insanely rewarding it is to jump outside of that mentality to more amazing feelings of love and pure joy. Being a mother gives us the capacity to feel any and all emotions in the course of one single day. In one moment really. And it’s what we choose to do with these amazing emotions that decides the types of mothers we are, the happiness of our children and the peace we feel in our homes. I keep learning- every single day I make mistakes and wonder why it can’t come easier. But nothing worth doing is easy- and I’m learning to LEARN from my kids and to take cues from them. I’m realizing the power of positive thought and positive words- how building up a child with love and tenderness is far more rewarding than cutting them down or trying to “fix” them.

Enjoy today’s episode- I know I enjoyed recording it for you and sharing some of the most sweet feelings of motherhood love.



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