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Ep 050: Facing and Fighting Fear to Live a Life of Joy with Heidi Porter

Ep 050: Facing and Fighting Fear to Live a Life of Joy with Heidi Porter

baby st george utah southern utah_0451Heidi is someone I’ve admired and watched for a few years now, her photography skills are mad crazy good- and she is actually the photographer who took over our studio lease in Southern Utah when we moved here to California. She has made it far more than we ever did and I am captivated by her images of babies and children that are just flawless and beautiful.

Beyond that I knew very little about her until she sent me a message one day on Facebook asking about the podcast and the ins and outs- curious about whether she might be up for starting her own. She has her own story of courage and overcoming her fears that were a part of her makeup for as long as she can remember. She’s always been anxious and scared of things in life that would be normal for most others. And that fear carried into her teens and young adulthood until she decided enough was enough and she wanted to take control of her life.

Through family struggles, health issues and regular growing pains that life throws at you she has conquered many of her fears and created a life full of success and love. She is a marvelous mom and I’m happy to share her story with you!

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