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Ep 052: Double the Love with Twin Mommy Brittney Schauerhamer

Ep 052: Double the Love with Twin Mommy Brittney Schauerhamer


Brittney had dreams of becoming a mother- but was prepared to wait a bit longer than six months into her marriage to start a family. But as life likes goes- she was thrown a curveball and found out she was pregnant!

Just as she had gotten used to the idea that she would be a mother- life threw another curve ball at her 17 week appointment and revealed that she’d have twice the opportunity to learn motherhood- surprise! It was TWINS!

Listen to how she went from newlywed to mom of two sweet babies born at only 32 weeks with NICU care and how she balanced her time to devote her heart to both of her new littles.

I loved hearing about how life has changed even now with them being 18 months old and to see that she’s clearly survived the sleepless fog that overtook her life for the first several months of the twins being part of the family. Hearing her speak now you’d never guess she had ever felt unprepared for motherhood! Her enthusiasm and love for her kids is intoxicating and I loved hearing all about her adventures as a twin mom!

If you or someone you know is expecting multiples this is a great one to share! Some of the little things I’d never think of are explained as well as the joy behind being a mother to multiples and the lessons she’s learning along the way! Thank you Brittney for sharing your unique journey into motherhood!



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