Ep 053: Mommy Talk, Inspiration, Preparation and Tradernation with Katelyn Cheo


Katelyn was such a delight to talk to! I absolutely loved getting to know her and you will too in today’s episode! Katelyn has a pretty amazing instagram account that you’ll love if you are a Trader Joe’s fan- you can find that HERE!

I love connecting with other mothers as the host of this podcast because it fulfills me and reminds me that I’m not alone in any of my perceptions or excitement in this journey of being a mom. Katelyn’s perspective on motherhood really resonated with me and I’m excited for you to hear about everything we chatted about from kids names to homeschooling adventures.

I LOVED hearing about how she has a little mommy meeting by herself at Starbucks with her books, planner and everything else she needs to be prepared for the week and then does her Target and Trader Joe’s run right after. DUH! We all should do this! When do mommy’s get a break? Oh…never? Let’s remedy that ok? Tell your husband’s it was your friend Katelyn’s idea and she’s really happy and her husband LOVES letting her have that time so they have food in the house, a happy wife…whatever you need to say to sell it. 🙂

I imagine Katelyn being that totally organized amazing mom you look at and think, “How the heck does she do it?”, and this episode gave me a great glance into her life and some ideas on how I can get on top of (and stay on top of) my daily life!

I honestly can’t wait to have a beach day and hang out at Disneyland with Katelyn, it’s such a blessing to find a mother who inspires you and Katelyn does that for me!

And once again guys- go check out TRADERNATION!

And since we talked about menu planning…you guys should REALLY look into this program- PLAN TO EAT. I LOVE that you can import recipes from online and it will formulate your ingredients and shopping list SO easily! It’s a must for busy moms!

And this is not verbatim, but I really loved when Katelyn said: “Whatever we can do as moms to be inspired and filled- even if it’s just picking up a book. Do what feeds you so you can pour out into them for the rest of the day!” So below find the books she recommended for all of you and start reading one NOW! 🙂


Thank you Katelyn, it was my pleasure sharing pieces of your life with the Marvelous Moms Club!



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