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Ep 054: Big New Things and My Mommy Struggles!

Ep 054: Big New Things and My Mommy Struggles!


Hey Marvelous Moms! Today I’m sharing some of the past, a little bit of the present and what to expect in my future!

My motherhood experience has been a rocky one and I’m still learning every day how to nurture my kids in the best way they possibly need. I’m sharing a bit about my journey with my oldest son and how he has kept me on my toes as a mother. Just when I think I’ve figured it all out he sends me through the ringer and I’m back at square one! Come hear some of his crazy stories!

New exciting things are happening in my life with a huge change that happened in our lives- I’ll share a bit of that with you as well!

And finally, LOTS of Marvelous goals will be shared on the podcast, website, instagram and Facebook page that will really spread the Marvelous Mom’s Club message far and wide! I’m very excited about the future of Marvelous Moms and love all of you who have been with me from the start! 🙂 Come listen for a little bit today, a nice short episode to get your day started!

Here’s my PERISCOPE account to follow me there! And below are the Snap Circuits I love letting Connor play with! Have a great day mommies!



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