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Ep 056: Crossing Borders to Complete a Family with Karen Jorgensen

Ep 056: Crossing Borders to Complete a Family with Karen Jorgensen


IMG_8072Karen took a very nontraditional route when growing her family. She has experienced some of the most drastic routes parents take to bring children into their homes and I absolutely loved hearing about her journey!

Fertility issues made it hard to get her first daughter here, but they were able to conceive and bring her into their family biologically. When they started suspecting some of the same patterns with fertility they decided to jump right ahead into the adoption route. The adoption happened rather fast and with two children now in their home she felt a little while later that she still needed more children.

Listen to hear the complete story of how she adopted from Haiti and the nightmarish ride her family went on trying to bring her son and daughter to the United States so that they could be a complete family!

Stories like these are so fascinating and I love how motherly love transcends tradition, race and culture and that when you know a child is yours you just cannot deny it. Karen’s story is inspiring to me and I know there are many more mothers who desire to adopt from countries outside the U.S.

Her account will both bring you an awareness of the realities behind international adoption and remind you the lengths mothers go to for their children, biological or otherwise!

Thank you Karen for the amazing peek inside your adventures that led to such a happy beautiful family!



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