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Ep 057: Real Life Learning with Homeschooler Debi Estopellan

Ep 057: Real Life Learning with Homeschooler Debi Estopellan


2015-12-25 15.16.08Debi was SO much fun to talk to and food for my curious soul! I really enjoyed learning about unschooling for the first time a couple of weeks ago with Bethanie Garcia, so this was an extension of that conversation where I got to see it at the end of the process as her daughter is nearly done with her high school years and moving into her future as an adult.

It’s such a fascinating concept and so unfamiliar to me yet so APPEALING to me to not wait until college age to let our children choose what they want to do with their lives. Why do we keep them limited during the years when they are the most likely to explore their passions and what they are prone to love? As a free spirited person who loves now chasing after my dreams, I cannot imagine imposing this stifling lifestyle onto my children when they are young adults!

I really loved hearing how unschooling is actually really against the grain for Debi who is an avid organizer that loves structure.  She’s not forcing her comfort zone onto her children rather letting them use their curiosity and drive to pursue what they are interested in.  I love how that displays selflessness and trust in her children that we all need to have more of!

You can keep up with Debi on her BLOG HERE!

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And I’ve added a few books by John Taylor Gatto below! 

Thanks so much Debi for sharing your time and insight with me and all the other Marvelous Moms who may want to pursue different avenues with their children’s schooling! It was such a pleasure!



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