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Ep 058: Honoring and Sharing Your Culture with Sailaja Joshi of Bharat Babies

Ep 058: Honoring and Sharing Your Culture with Sailaja Joshi of Bharat Babies


image2-2It is SO fun to take a peek inside other women’s dreams and to see them fill needs within their own lives and cultures. Sailaja was awe inspiring to me, I was so excited just chatting with her about her endeavors and the reasons behind why she started her business- Bharat Babies.  As an Indian woman raised in the United States with a huge passion for reading she realized later in life that many of the books with Indian characters did not correctly reflect the culture or how her culture works within the United States.  She went on to create Bharat Babies and has in a short time gone from one book to five books for children of all ages.

Seeing a dream come true for another mompreneur is so inspiring to me and I can’t wait to see how Sailaja grows her business. I particularly loved how she is already creating the formula and process for people of other cultures to do the same thing.  I think it’s wonderful that she acknowledges that it would be inauthentic for her to share their cultural traditions and ways of life and wants to simply create a way for even more diverse texts to come to fruition.

Growing up with a mother who was a teacher and a grandfather who is an author shaped and molded her love for reading. Books have always been a part of her life and as she studied anthropology she realized the lived reality she had as a child was not reflected anywhere in any of the programming she was meant to consume.  I admire so much her drive and how she went on to create something that filled that need not only for her own daughter but for all others within her culture!

I LOVE that Bharat Babies is striving to send these books to schools even though there isn’t always a budget for it within the school system.  Her passion and desire for these books to be enjoyed no matter what is so infectious and I know her service and generosity will payoff tenfold. If you’d love to buy the books and help her business to grow you can do so RIGHT HERE ON BHARAT BABIES.

Thank you Sailaja for inspiring me and for giving me some AMAZING ideas after I hit stop on the recording! I owe you BIG time! 🙂


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