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Ep 059: What Makes YOU a Marvelous Mom?

Ep 059: What Makes YOU a Marvelous Mom?


I’m bringing this awesome question to each and every one of you who is either a listener of the podcast or a follower on other social media outlets for Marvelous Mom’s Club. Because of a recent Periscope where people heard me asking my guest what made her a marvelous mom, other moms have joined in and shared what makes them marvelous! So I thought, HEY what if everyone within the sound of my voice or the reach of my typing were to share what makes them marvelous? And what if they invited their friends, sisters, aunts and mothers to share what makes THEM marvelous? How many beautiful answers and perspectives would we all get to partake in!? So from now on anytime you feel so inclined (and especially today please) use the hashtag #marvelousmoms and share either the photo I’ve posted on Instagram or Facebook OR a photo of your own and tell everyone what makes you a marvelous mom!

I can’t wait to read all of your answers to gain insight into all of your marvelous lives!

Have a MARVELOUS day and I’ll watch closely for your posts!!!




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