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Ep 060: A Mother’s Bargain with God- Miracles of Faith with Lara Carlin

Ep 060: A Mother’s Bargain with God- Miracles of Faith with Lara Carlin


carlin-69You’ll need to listen to the full episode to hear every single beautiful miracle that happened for the Carlin family in the past 15 months as they went through one of the hardest experiences of their lives.  But for here, for the notes I’m including Miracle #12 that Lara mentioned on the podcast. It’s so beautifully written and she articulated everything so well on the podcast, I cannot wait for you to all listen and be inspired by hear beautiful faith! So in her own words:

Looking back, I suppose the biggest miracle of all, is the fact that our God, the creator of this earth and all of it’s inhabitants thereon would hear my prayers, and provide my family with the miracles we needed. These miracles did not always come exactly how I hoped they would come. And they definately did not come when I had hoped they would come. But they came nonetheless. And our small, insignificant, and ordinary, family was blessed in a very large, significant and extraordinary way. Not only did the heavens open and pour miracles down upon us, but we felt surrounded by hosts of heavenly angels that provided us with peace comfort and strength during the biggest trail of our lives, as well as angels in the form of our friends and neighbors here on earth who quickly headed to our Heavenly Father’s divine inspiration and came to our rescue time and time again.”

To see even more about Joshua’s journey you can head over to the FACEBOOK PAGE she created last year.

Thanks Lara for sharing every little detail. It was the perfect illustration of the Savior’s love to being this Easter weekend!


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