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Ep 061: Mompreneur Monday with Jenna Wood

Ep 061: Mompreneur Monday with Jenna Wood

IMG_7282Jenna has made a huge difference in my life with her friendly personality and willingness to help others grow their online businesses! Starting with her own boutique she has always been determined to make some sort of extra income for her family.  She made me giggle when she said if she didn’t have a way of doing online business she’d be an Uber driver or have a paper route. I think we can all relate to wanting some extra spending cash and the flexibility to make money from home. Jenna has mastered many ways to do just that and is inspiring many women every day to create, learn and be successful in their own businesses.  I really wanted her to share bits of her journey for those of you who may think you don’t have time for anything else! With a husband in law school and two small children she is working with those extra hours to both contribute to their household and feel fulfilled in a wonderful productive way!

Jenna now runs an online blog where she can literally do work with nothing but her cell phone and a laptop.  You can check out her amazing blog Hello Fab to see what she’s up to these days in the online world.  I love her posts there and that they vary between fashion tips and deals and also mompreneur advice!

Jenna spoke my language when she admitted that even if she didn’t have a lot going on with her business she still wouldn’t have a spotless house or gourmet meals on the table every night!  And that running her business is an outlet and really something she does for HER…that happens to make money! IMG_4345

Jenna fills us in with some of her expertise on how to make money blogging! If this is something you’ve been wanting to do, this is the episode for you! Jenna has put four years of hard work into her amazing blog/business and it shows! She’s super talented and someone I drop everything to watch on Periscope!  You can follow her over on Periscope RIGHT HERE or see some of her past scopes HERE! IMG_8677

I absolutely loved it when Jenna said, in regard to our interview: “Let this MOTIVATE you. You are wonderful and perfect no matter where you are at in your entrepreneurial or motherhood journey you just gotta get going!”

Come listen in to get all of the amazing advice and inspiration Jenna offers in our chat!

And thank you Jenna for being so amazing, inspiring me as a mompreneur and woman and for all that you are offering the world through your beautiful example!

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Have a FAB day guys! 🙂


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  • I loved this episode! I’m just starting my mompranour journey and this was so encouraging! I loved what you said about using free time productively. And I will try to apply your advice about doing one or two things consistently!


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