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Ep 062: Baby Steps to Better Health with Michelle Mansfield of Our First Steps

Ep 062: Baby Steps to Better Health with Michelle Mansfield of Our First Steps

Family 1Michelle got me SO ready to conquer some bad habits with baby steps! Just that day I texted her later on and told her I was out on a walk, later in the day than normal but I STILL did it as a result of our chat and how possible she made it sound to make small changes that will have a big effect!

Michelle turned to healthy eating to get pregnant with her daughter and has since helped other women to change their health choices and listen to their bodies so they are not only feeling great but able to function properly and with energy!  So much of what we feel and express outwardly is a result of the foods we are putting into our bodies, and no two bodies are identical (obviously) so we cannot all eat according to the same regimen or plan.  Healthy eating can help with conception, healthy pregnancy and a healthy lifestyle as a mom. I really like that she acknowledges how difficult it can be to eat well when you are stressed out as a mother but we ALL know what a difference it makes!  AIM_5895finaledit

Our First Steps is Michelle’s blog turned business that gives women the tools the need to have amazing health and to overcome obstacles that are keeping them from living an abundantly happy life! Check it out RIGHT HERE! 

Thank you Michelle for all the AMAZING information and for sharing a bit of your motherhood journey with us! I need to listen to this on a weekly basis to remind myself how to create better habits and have a healthier lifestyle! 🙂

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