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Ep 063: You Can Keep Going Longer Thank You Think!

Ep 063: You Can Keep Going Longer Thank You Think!

Hey friends, I’m switching the schedule up a bit because…I can! It’s my show! Haha, mostly because I have an awesome guest tomorrow and I want to share it on the same day they launch their new business so that you guys can see what it’s all about! Are you intrigued? You should be.

In the meantime I’m sharing a short little blurb of feelings today about how you CAN keep going even when it feels like you can’t. You’re a mom and you’re amazing. You have the best but hardest job in the world and even when it seems like you can’t take another step, I PROMISE you that you can.

To help you get through those hard busy days I want to share one of my favorite mommy tools- Plan To Eat. This thing saves my menu planning life! I don’t know about you but when 3:00 hits I want to run and hide! Dinner bells are in the near future and I just have no idea how to keep meals interesting for three children.  Plan To Eat is the perfect segway between Pinterest and the dinner table! You can try it FREE for 30 days RIGHT HERE! And best part, you can even see my recipes and put them on your own calendar! It’s awesome and I highly recommend it! 🙂

I hope you all have a great Wednesday and are enjoying every episode!!! Talk to you again tomorrow with a very special guest!


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  • I really enjoyed mompranour monday! And I love the episodes where you just share about your life! This is such an awsome podcast and group!


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