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Ep 064: Teaching Children Kindness with Victoria Farmer of The Doll Kind

Ep 064: Teaching Children Kindness with Victoria Farmer of The Doll Kind

IMG_1313Hey Marvelous Moms! Today is an episode I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you for a while!  I stumbled across The Doll Kind on Instagram months ago and was so intrigued by this new company I reached out and wanted to hear their story! I am sharing the whole back story with you all today and what The Doll Kind is all about!  

I absolutely love how this journey began for Victoria, a small moment that helped her realize that people are not born mean, we all come into the world full of kindness and love and at some point we learn how to be unkind.  She yearned to ensure her own child could always maintain a spirit of kindness and slowly the idea for The Doll Kind came to her. She teamed up with her amazing friend Jackie who has helped make it even more amazing and together they are spreading kindness to the world and teaching children the joy of service! slide-1-image

So are you intrigued? Have you searched it out on Instagram? The Doll Kind is an amazing movement where you can buy a sweet doll that comes with 10 heart tokens for children to give to people as they desire.  And for every doll purchased a child in need will receive a free doll.  Everything about this is geared towards service and I cannot WAIT to get mine!

You can go support their Kickstarter campaign which is live TODAY until May 14th!

And Follow The Doll Kind on Facebook and Instagram as well! 

Thanks Victoria for hanging out with me and letting me get to know you a bit more! Everyone go support The Doll Kind NOW! There’s nothing I love more than seeing a mommy make her dreams come true, especially when that dream makes the world better for her children and the rest of the world.


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  • Can I still buy the Kind Doll? Id like to buy 3 dolls for my grandchildren.
    I live in Mission Viejo, 92691


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