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Ep 065: Fighting for Joy Through Sorrow with Ani Taylor

Ep 065: Fighting for Joy Through Sorrow with Ani Taylor

TaylorFamily0318This chat with Ani as well as all of her periscopes remind me to not complain about the trivial things that come with parenting.  There are parents struggling and hurting daily with sick children or loss who would give anything to have their biggest problem be endless poopy diapers or a messy home.  If we are trying to put positivity into the world and enjoy all the wonderful things around us we will be creating more joy and positive uplift for those around us! 

I asked Ani some tips for friends or family who don’t know what to say after a loss.  While it seems like the phrases you’ve heard a lot will be the right thing to say, they can in fact be the hardest for parents who have lost children to hear. For example, “They’re in a better place…it happened for a reason…” etc.  Things that are GOOD to say… say their name. Talk about how this person impacted your life. Ask about the person, what they were like, any opportunity to let them share about the person they have lost. IMG_2690

I am SO grateful to Ani for sharing her story here and for bridging the gap that so many of us face, whether we are on the side of the spectrum as a mother who has lost a child or on the opposite end wondering how to support and love our dearest friends who are hurting. Stories like these need to be shared more and we need to remember wonderful spirits like Ruby! I love that Ani and her husband started the Ruby Jane Foundation so that they could serve in her name and have an outlet that helped them to heal! 

Keep up with Ani and read the whole journey with Ruby ON THE FAMILY BLOG HERE.

And go check out the Ruby Jane Foundation as well! 



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