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Ep 066: Mompreneur Monday with Jenna Rammell of Jenna’s Kitchen!

Ep 066: Mompreneur Monday with Jenna Rammell of Jenna’s Kitchen!

Jenna is my kind of girl, I reached out to her and within 24 hours she was on my calendar ready to chat about all things motherhood and being a mompreneur! I loved our extra long chat (and you guys are only getting about half of it) where we talked about some of the effects social media can have on our self esteem, how to find true value and happiness and why you should never assume people don’t struggle in life just because they’re “popular”.  Jenna recently did a Periscope talking about a day she was feeling down, like she wasn’t a good mom, not important to anyone etc. She posted about these feelings on Instagram and got a comment from someone who didn’t understand how she could feel this way with 70K+followers.  It opened the door to many emotions and I am so happy Jenna continued that thought on the podcast to share it with all of you!

Someone always has more or seems to have more than you do. Why does that make us feel less than?  The whole point of her post was to remember that our lives are made up of so much more than what’s online. There is a lot Jenna doesn’t share that is reserved for people in her life who are her family friends and HERSELF. And that’s ok! I loved getting this glimpse inside the mind of someone who is an online influencer. We sometimes assume they have it all together because of their amazing social media feed. But they feel the same way we do! It’s like middle school all over again, you never stop looking around feeling inferior to others. But what’s important is to not feed into that!  Realize that your fulfillment will not come from anywhere but within yourself and from those who you love and cherish the most!

Jenna blogs with a couple of her friends over at Small Fry and after a couple of years thanks to some nudging and requests created her own Instagram feed- you might know her from there- Jenna’s Kitchen.  She posts her life, her recipes and all kinds of wonderfulness!

I could write up our whole conversation but I’m not going to because you just need to listen to soak up all things Jenna!  Here are some books she recommends!

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