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Ep 067: Marvelous Moms Club Mentoring

Ep 067: Marvelous Moms Club Mentoring

Hello Marvelous Moms! I wanted to share a bit more detail about Marvelous Moms Club Mentoring since I mentioned it Monday on my episode with Jenna Rammell!  Teaching and urging mothers to break out of mediocrity is one of the things I am most passionate about in my life right now and I wish I could show each and every mother here how valuable she is both to her children and to the world! Each of you has something so unique to offer and talents that make you stand apart from the rest.  With mentoring I’m providing a framework for you to follow and helping you plan out how you can either start or build an existing business, and find the balance between work and motherhood we all strive for daily!  I love each and every person I meet and know so many of you have reached out for tips, tricks and advice in your personal journeys and I’m beyond happy to be able to offer what I know to you through this new aspect of Marvelous Moms Club! You can check it out HERE on the website under Mommy Mentoring.  And for my amazing Marvelous Moms I’m offering you a coupon code good for $75 off your first mentoring session with me! I can’t wait to chat and help you achieve the clarity you are longing to find and to grow as an amazing mother and business owner!

With Love, Kirsten



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