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Ep 069: Mompreneur Monday with Erin Barbot

Ep 069: Mompreneur Monday with Erin Barbot


11796342_10153023429667091_6899861011412737843_nErin is the prime example of a mompreneur who has taken her talents and skills to the next level and found a way to monetize them! After speaking with her I realized how truly limitless everyone’s potential is and how possible it is to make money just being yourself!  We are in such a changing society that is full of busy families, so her natural knack for organization and assisting others has not only made her community better, but has provided a great extra income to her family.  Never planning on being a stay at home mom this venture was completely spontaneous but has worked out so well for her, I wanted to share her story with you to inspire you to look inward to find out what makes you a MARVELOUS MOMPRENEUR! Thank you Erin for your inspiration and ambition that will be an example to many other moms who are just starting out or searching for what makes them special!

Books from Erin’s bookshelf:

Big thank you to the amazing Caroline Green for sending Erin to me! Check her out HERE! 



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