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Ep 072: Advocating for Parents of Special Needs Children with Jen Dryer

Ep 072: Advocating for Parents of Special Needs Children with Jen Dryer


013I really love Jen’s inspiring story and how she’s used her own experiences with her child to help others who may find themselves in the same situation.  Oftentimes we may realize our children might need special attention for behavior or developmental issues but the hardest part is beginning the process or even knowing HOW to start the process of getting them the help they need.  Jen realized that her son, at a very young age was seeming to fall further and further behind in his development and against the urging of others who would insist it might just be because his older sibling talked for him, or that it was totally natural, she knew she had to find out for sure.

Jen’s husband’s aunt was a helpful advocate for them. She had worked with 0-5 year olds who had hearing issues for 3 decades and seemed a great place to start in evaluating whether hearing might be causing some of their son’s delays.  After realizing that was not the issue she pointed them in the right direction and the process began.  Her son ended up being an overachiever, significantly behind in various areas of development.  She has seen him progress in a phenomenal way all thanks to some completely FREE resources that everyone can take advantage of.

So now she advocates for parents, supports them in a journey they were not prepared to take and helps them find the correct places to start.  She is passionate about the process and it shines through as she discusses it with me.  I love that she is serving many more people who are discovering how challenging it can be to navigate the process of helping their children.  She’s amazing and I’m so happy to share her story with you today!

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