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EP 074: Conscious Parenting with Sara Exley

EP 074: Conscious Parenting with Sara Exley

I had such a fun time chatting with Sara on the podcast! She is the momma of nine year old boys (whoa) and through her conscious parenting helps other parents in their journey of raising their own children! I love Sara’s bio, it really sums up what she does much better than I could: Sara is a Conscious Parent Coach, Meditation Guide, and master of helping parents create effortless cooperation and peace with their children. Sara’s unique ability to hold a non-judgmental, deeply safe atmosphere for parents has won her over a thousand fans on Periscope and a booked client roster of parents creating profound shifts in their lives. Shifts like going from conflict to connection, zero power-struggle bed times, seeing their children brush their teeth, do their homework, and clean up without having to be asked (oh yeah!) and enjoying a healthy social life without mom-guilt. Ready to create these kind of results for yourself? Follow Sara on Periscope @Sara_Exley for daily support and meditations or inquire about Private Coaching at on her website Sara Exley

I mean doesn’t she sound like someone you wanna hang out with and just soak up all of the good energy she has to share? I am following her on Periscope (of course) and you should too. She’s smart as a whip and I guarantee you’ll get amazing info from her there and through her personal coaching!  She really helps moms find freedom, and I love how she summed it up when she referred to that freedom: “You’re already amazing, you’re already deeply committed. You don’t need help with that. You just need my help in trusting yourself”.  I think it’s absolutely amazing (I’ve said this before) when people are willing to share their skills and what they’ve learned with others!  It’s the driving force behind Mommy Mentoring and why I am so excited to share with all of you Marvelous Moms!

Thanks for sharing some knowledge with us Sara, you’re amazing and a completely Marvelous Mom! 🙂

From Sara’s Bookshelf:

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