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EP 075: Nothing Down About It with Oakley Peterson

EP 075: Nothing Down About It with Oakley Peterson

NothingDownAboutIt_BeckyKimballPhoto_43What can I say to sum up how incredibly awesome Oakley is? There are no words. I didn’t know her at ALL before we chatted for this interview but I fell in love with her instantly. She’s so laid back, fun loving and has the most beautiful perspective on life. The mother of three adorable children, one with “up-syndrome” as she lovingly refers to it, her life is insanely busy right now.  Just during our call she dealt with a fussy baby, a preschool emergency and a diaper blow-out. It was comical and the total epitome of a day in the life of a marvelous mom.  So kudos to her for continuing our chat even when life got a bit nuts!

You may have seen Oakley on social media or maybe have seen her blog, Nothing Down About It.  She debunks some misconceptions of what it’s like to have a child with special needs including Down Syndrome, which is what her adorable son Welles was born with.  Without any prior knowledge of his condition she was not mentally or emotionally prepared for this journey she is now on and turned to the internet for guidance and answers.  Finding mostly negative online, she lived in fear and dread for the first few weeks of Welles’s life. She also had some well meaning friends offer condolences rather than appreciation for the amazing spirit her son had. She finally concluded something positive had to be put out there on the interwebs to inspire and help mothers in her situation, to realize what a true blessing it is to parent and love a child with “Up-syndrome”. The result? An amazing and inspiring glimpse into her beautifully chaotic life full of ups and downs, life lessons and an experiences she’d never trade for anything in the world. I loved it when she said:  “You want them to be kind, you want them to show love to others, and hello! He was born with all of those qualities that came so easily to him that don’t come so easily to the rest of us. What more could I want for my child?!”

Listen in to our chat to hear even more, to get to know Oakley’s family a bit better, and please share with anyone you know who would benefit from this incredibly uplifting example!  Thank you Oakley, I have so much love for you and your sweet family and thank you for being a guest, as you are TRULY a MARVELOUS MOM!




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